The Inside Story

Interior Design  

Customer Testimonials

"After making several mistakes with decorating my home I knew I needed to contact a professional. The Inside Story were fantastic in helping me to transfer my home. I am delighted with the results and would recommend them to anyone needing help."

- Alison Haughton, Worsley


"I'm a single man living on my own, I have no idea about interior design or how to put colours together. The Inside Story not only added that much needed feminine touch to my home, but also taught me a few things along the way."

- Thomas Parker, Bamford


"After trying to sell our house for over two years we were nearly ready to give up when our estate agents recommended The Inside Story. We contact them to come round and were very impressed with the suggestions they made. I think having a fresh pair of eyes made us see how we could improve our house with a small budget.  We sold our house four months after the work was completed. Definitely money well spent!!!!!"

- Margaret Cooper, Rawtenstall